There is something about the mango. Its sweetness, the fact that there is no clean way to eat it, its adaptability to different food forms such as blended or frozen…the list goes on. Mango is one of my most favourite foods and ‘tis the season that they are making their place on grocery shelves all around the country. This excites me.

I mean they taste so good you could potentially forget that they’re so healthy!

So what’s in it for us…

Mangoes are full of potent antioxidants (e.g. quercetin and gallic acid) of which help prevent against cancer, namely breast, prostate, colon and leukaemia.

They are full of fibre, vitamin C and pectin all of which help to lower serum levels of LDL cholesterol (the bad guy!). Mangoes also contain potassium, which helps to strengthen cardiovascular health, specifically controlling heart rate and blood pressure. This fibre content also benefits digestive health, reducing the risk of constipation and aiding elimination.

Mangoes can be used topically to help unclog pores and clear the skin. Next time, you have a pimple, slice a little bit of mango, place on the skin for 10-15 minutes, wash off and voila.

They can also be used to healthify your hair. This is due to the impressive vitamin A amount in mangoes, which helps moisturise hair and enhances new body tissue growth and repair.

Mangoes, especially the leaves, have been used to help regulate diabetes. Traditionally, mango leaves have been boiled in water and left to soak overnight and then the drink is consumed the next morning. It is important to note that mango has a relatively low glycaemic index, therefore, if you do indulge a little more than planned, your sugar levels will not spike dramatically.

Mangoes are an immune booster, providing generous amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A and carotenoids to keep you in good health.

Lucky for us, we have several more months to enjoy them!