Who am I…? This is actually a really hard question to answer.

Simply, I am Alexandra Handreck. Most people call me Alex.

I am a sister, a daughter, a niece, a cousin and a friend.

I love animals, the colour orange and making salads. I love to cook, I actually enjoy grocery shopping and love a good adventure! I adore the beach and the countryside, I could likely eat a whole wedge of watermelon in one sitting and at one point, I had a very large ticket collection.

I love a good laugh. I am a bit of perfectionist. I am determined, organised and hard working.

If you ask me to draw anything…you’ll likely get a stick figure and you would be lucky if they’re wearing clothes! In other words, not my strength.

I love all things food. I prefer the warm weather! I have a large collection of scarves. I love trees and my favourite herb is basil.

…there’s a rounded introduction for you.



In short, I am a degree-qualifed registered Clinical Nutritionist.

I have completed a Bachelor degree in Nutritional Medicine and also have significant clinical experience. In addition to this, I have also completed a Bachelor degree in Arts (Communications). So I guess you could call me a ‘nutritional communicator’?

My qualifications allows me to advise on therapeutic dietary protocols as well as allowing me the ability to prescribe nutraceutical supplementation.



Hmm…there are several answers to this question.

Firstly, I have an extreme passion for nutrition. I love to learn new things. I love to help others. I love to see the positive differences in YOU.

Secondly, nutrition found me, rather than I found it. I have written about my own personal health journey in depth which you can read here. Nutrition helped me and I know it can help you.



I know how to help you because I have helped myself recover from my own morbidities. Hence, this is why I created Optima Health because I get how hard achieving good health can be. My practice embraces a holistic approach and my ultimate aim is to educate you in maximising your own optimal health. All nutritional solutions are tailored to you based on your unique genetic and environmental situation.

Nutrition is powerful. It has the ability to create an environment for sustainable health change and the realisation of an individuals health potential. My main aim is empowerment through education, using food and nutrients to inspire wellness and educate those around me on the best choices specific to their needs. I aim to debunk and demystify nutrition and make it easier for you to reach your optimal health and wellbeing.

Through whatever level of support you need, whether it’s a one-on-one consultation, a recipe, a shopping tour, kitchen/pantry makeover or support from our Optima society, my goal for you is to help you achieve a balanced wellbeing and to find your optimal state of health and wellness.



Optima Health values highly trust and transparency. You can be re-assured professional standards as well as confidentiality and an empathic understanding.

Remember, every journey begins with a single step. I aim to inspire and motivate you to reach your personal health goal/s and create an environment for long term health resolve and maintenance.

In health and happiness,

Alex xx