Curried Coconut Cauliflower Rice

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There is nothing better than cauliflower. It honestly has to be one of my most favourite vegetables of all time! It is entirely versatile and entirely nutritious! Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable meaning it has anti-carcinogenic properties as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Cauliflower is very high in vitamin C, with one serve providing […]

Prebiotics, Probiotics

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Gut health, gut health, gut health…these days it’s all we seem to hear! Well, Amen, sister! I am on the same page. Gut health is the underlying key to our optimal health and wellness. A poor gut microbiome is linked to so many acute and chronic illnesses as well as poor physiological functioning of the […]

My favourite breakfasts

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Breakfast, it’s probably my equal favourite meal of the day (on par with lunch and dinner!). However some mornings it can be an absolute chore to ensure a balanced meal full of fibre, good fats, protein and complex carbohydrates. Especially when you’ve got the dog to walk, the kids to feed and prepare lunches for […]

Ask Alex: My Winter Meal Journal

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I have always loved healthy food; creating it and eating it. Nutrition however, found me, rather than I found it. Go here, to read my full story. In practice, my main aim is to use food and nutrients to inspire wellness and to educate those around me on the best choices specific to their personal […]

Ask Alex: My tops tips to reduce stomach bloat.

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Being bloated is not a pleasant feeling. Back in the day, when my body was in a state of complete imbalance, my bloat was through the roof. We’re talking intense pain and a ballooned state that had me looking 8.5 months pregnant! No joke. The. worst. These days, I am a lot more in tune […]

Ask Alex: How to decode a food label and it’s nutrition claim/s?

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Food labels can often be likened to looking at an algebraic equation…you know what you’re looking for, you know the variables, but you don’t really know what the answer is, you don’t really know if what you’re reading translates to a ‘healthy’ food option or not? While food labels don’t lie, they can be deceptive […]

A warm veggie-packed salad

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If you know me, you know that I LOVE SALAD. I love making salad, I love eating salad…I love everything to do with salad. This beauty uses all the veggies. Its got cauliflower, leek, zucchini and eggplant with a bunch of green leaves and a sprinkling of dukkah. Its served warm and is the perfect […]

Facts on faeces

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Yes, I am doing it…I am going to talk about faeces. The truth is, as a Clinical Nutritionist, I actually spend a lot of time talking about and thinking about this f-word. Believe it or not, our poop is a great communicator. It actually tells us A WHOLE LOT about how our well our body […]

Lupin Lovin’ (and a recipe)

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What in the world is a lupin, you may ask? Lupins are a grain legume/pulse that were first introduced to Australia in the 1960s to assist with crop rotation and to help increase the nitrogen quantity in the soil to improve soil fertility. Lupin has a special bond with Western Australian soils, with 85% of the […]