Budget Bites: Ways with Lentils

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Lentils, to me, are so satisfying! They’re earthy, so fibrous, rich in protein, iron and folate and are a staple in so many cuisines. Lentils are the ultimate food to quickly spice up any dish! Plus, they’re super cheap and filling! So here are some quick ways to use them with minimum fuss… Moroccan inspired lentil […]

A Super Green Smoothie

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Hello lovely friends! I love a good smoothie, especially one that I know is filled with so much green goodness. I often make a smoothie for a snack, hence the very aptly named #smoothiesnack. I used a fair few brain waves concoting that name, I tell you what! Haha. Anyways, back to the smoothie…I love […]

Ask Alex: How I eat healthily with little spare time?

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The kids are nagging, its dark outside, the dog is yapping at you for a walk, you need to prepare dinner for tonight and lunches for tomorrow. You pull out a pack of chops from the freezer, but you need to wait for them to defrost. You go to the fridge, to find a faster option […]

Healthy Banana Oat Pancakes

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Hello lovely friends and Happy WA day long weekend. I love WA. I actually really do. We have the most amazing state, filled with some of the best landscapes you will ever see in world. We have the most amazing people from all walks of life. We may be the most isolated but what we […]

Fusion Spiced Sweet Potato Soup

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I love sweet potato. There is something so grounding about it. Its a great complex carbohydrate chock full of vitamin A as well as being a good source of vitamin C, dietary fibre, potassium, manganese and some of the B vitamins. I have been making this soup for years. I love how that it is […]

Budget Bites: Ways with quinoa

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Quinoa is such a versatile grain. It’s gluten free. It’s high protein. It’s easy to cook. It comes in several different colours. It can be dressed up and dressed down. And. So. Much. More. Today, for the budget bites series, we will explore the many different ways quinoa can be incorporated into a meal. I […]

What is the Vagus Nerve and what does it have to do with me?

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So guys, there is this thing and its called the vagus nerve. What is it to me….you make ask? Why in the world do I need to know about this? Well, what if I told you that you could reduce inflammation with this beauty. What if I told you that could reduce chronic pain…! What […]

Alex’s Veggie-Packed Minestrone

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I love eating with colour and this beauty certainly does not disappoint! A cold weather staple, soup is by far one of my most favourite things to make. Its super nourishing and is also quick, easy and cheap. You can chock the pot full with as many or as little ingredients as you like and […]

Ask Alex: How can I stop sugar cravings?

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I have an overwhelming craving for sugar, especially in the afternoons, what can I do to stop this?  Great question. Sugar cravings affect so many of us. They are most likely caused from a diet high in processed foods which is subsequently quite high calorie and has a very low nutrient density. An unbalanced diet, like […]

Crunchy Rainbow Slaw with a Pomegranate and Dijon Dressing

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I love a good crunchy rainbow slaw and I love one with so many colours, hence the rainbow! In my eyes, the more colours, the merrier. This beauty has liver-loving beets, eye-loving carrots and brain-loving cabbage.  I love the texture of this salad. The crunch of the pomegranates with the smoothness of the dijon mustard. Yum, […]