A classic hummus

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There is nothing better than a freshly made dip that one can enjoy with fresh veggies and seeded crackers or as a side to meat or salad. Dip is brilliant. Dip brings people together. To quote ‘The Simpsons’ (read: I think I’ve watched one episode of ‘The Simpsons’ in my entire life!), a taste of […]

Ask Alex: What is the difference between a1 and a2 milk?

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a2 milk and other dairy products seem to be the latest big thing popping up in the supermarket so I thought that for this edition of ‘Ask Alex’, I would investigate a little bit more… What does a1 and a2 refer to? Cows milk contains milk protein, in which the primary group, ‘casein’,  accounts for […]

A Super Green Smoothie 2.0

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You guys know how much a love a smoothie and am a big fan of the very aptly named #smoothiesnack. We have already covered a Super Green Smoothie in the past, however, I am all for variety…after all its the spice of life. So here is one of the same colour, but with a different mix […]

Ask Alex: Is gluten free a healthier way of eating?

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If I had one word to sum up an answer to this question, the answer would be NO, (its not ‘healthier’). As a healthcare practitioner, I would only recommend you eat this way if you have a legitimate reason to avoid gluten, such as coeliac disease or other bowel/gut related conditions. However, in saying that, […]

Spring Beef Salad

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Spring is the perfect time to start phasing out of the more hearty, wintery meals and into the lighter, summery salads. This Spring Beef Salad was inspired by the dribs and drabs of my weekly vegetable shop as well as a leftover beef. That’s why it is so appealing, as it can be adapted to […]

Ask Alex: A little insight on snacking and a bit more on sugar.

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Is snacking good for me?  Snacking as a concept isn’t bad, rather it depends what you are snacking ‘on’. If you get to 3pm and find yourself in a slump, munching on a cupcake is not going to help you for the long term, hence you will not reap the benefits of your afternoon snack. […]

Banana & Cacao Thickshake

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I don’t know what it is about smoothies…but I’m quite obsessed. I mean they’re convenient, can be made exactly to taste and are the perfect drink for a warm sunny day (which in Perth, we certainly have no shortage of!). I mean what is there not to love! I love my smoothies thick; the need […]

‘In The Moment’ 28.09.17

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I saw this being done recently on another blog that I follow and I immediately loved the idea of it. Reflection is super important in today’s fast-paced world. ‘In the moment’ is my new little series where I stop, I notice, I take note of all that is happening both around me and in my […]

Ask Alex: How can I reduce and potentially alleviate my PMS symptoms?

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Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) is an umbrella term used to describe a broad range of symptoms related to the menstrual cycle. Symptoms can either be psychological, physical and/or behavioural and can range from irritability and confusion to headaches and cramping and everything in between. Each month, millions of women all over the world feel the effects […]

Would you like some additives with that?

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Food additives are substances that are added to foods to improve shelf life, assist manufacturing or enhance their flavor, texture or colour. Some examples include: Beeswax is a glazing agent (901) often used to coat apples, aiding their appearance. Sorbitol is a humectant (420) often mixed in with dried fruits to extend their shelf life […]