The Foundation Series – Vitamin A: The 411

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In the first part of ‘The Foundation Series’ vitamin and mineral edition, we focussed on magnesium – my all time favourite mineral! Now, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to Vitamin A, another amazing vitamin required in adequate amounts for optimal health and wellbeing. Okay, so there are two parts to this story. […]

Ask Alex: My top tips for maintaing health over the silly season.

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The ‘Silly Season’ is in full swing – Christmas parties, summer barbecues, sporting wind-ups, school functions – it’s never ending! Often, in these circumstances, the temptation of food and drink (of the alcoholic variety) is running on high. Eating, drinking and just being merry is an incredibly important facet of the festive season. At this […]

Roast Cinnamon Pumpkin Salad with a Creamy Dreamy Dressing

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I love pumpkin. Its orange, its so incredibly versatile, and it tastes amazing. It’s also full of so many health benefits – such as its high in fibre, zinc, sulfur, vitamin A, phytosterols, protein and tryptophan. Being rich in these nutrients means that pumpkin gives us better immunity, better digestion, clearer skin, reduced cholesterol, stronger […]

The Foundation Series – Magnesium: The 411

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In ‘The Foundation Series’ thus far, we have focussed on the macronutrients; namely protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre. It is now time for a change; an inside look into the major nutrients we require on a daily basis. All of these nutrients (read: vitamins and minerals) are important in their own way, and each week […]

The Foundation Series – Fat: The 411

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In ‘The Foundation Series’ thus far, we have focussed on protein, carbohydrates and fibre. It is now time for fat; a complex topic but nonetheless, a very very important part of every persons diet. All of these food groups are macronutrients and all are important in their own way, especially when it comes to producing […]

Chopped Chicken Salad

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This is a crowd pleaser type of salad. Its got crispy iceberg lettuce amongst mixed leaves, crunchy almonds, soothing parsley, shredded chicken and so much more. Make extra and save for lunch the next day…your stomach will thank you! Serves 4. Ingredients: 5/6 decent handfuls of mixed greens. I used what I had in the […]

Laugh more. It truly is the best medicine, no joke.

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Laughter draws us together is both a physical and emotional way. It triggers positive physiological changes in the body. We know it strengthens relationships, improves the way we think and feel, it helps us find greater happiness and fulfilment…but did you know it actually benefits health in a number of different ways too? Laughter helps […]

Ask Alex: Protein shakes – to do or not to do?

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Why do we need protein again?  Protein plays an important role in the growth and repair of our muscles and the timing of protein intake (within the hour) is imperative after exercise. Consuming adequate protein is important for muscle growth, but won’t guarantee muscle GAINS. Tune in to Protein: The 411 for more on this. Isn’t […]

Ask Alex: How can I healthify my hair?

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Good nutrition and self care are the keys to healthy hair. Back when I was in the midst of health imbalance – you can read my story here – my hair suffered terribly. It was super dry, brittle and ratty and was just plain unhealthy. It was even falling out! These days after cleaning up […]

The Foundation Series – Fibre: The 411

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What is fibre?  Scientifically speaking, dietary fibre refers to the non-starch polysaccharide components of plants that are resistant to digestion in the small intestine. Stay with me. In other words, it encompasses the non-digestible parts of plant-based foods with the main sources being fruit, vegetables, cereals/grains and legumes. There are three main types of fibre: […]