Bio-ImageNutrition found me, rather than I found it. For me, simple food done well is the ultimate. I am passionate about working towards a healthier future for all, including myself, who like many, have had my own health battles. As a person quite allergic to dairy and gluten, I went through a stage of terrible imbalance manifested as severe abdominal bloating and pain, bad asthma and respiratory issues, allergies, no energy, skin issues and a constant ‘ballooned’ feeling. It was safe to say, I was not feeling great! I envisioned the feeling of ‘health’ that I wanted to exude, one of balance, healthy digestion, radiant skin and great energy and happiness and began my mission to reach this goal. I went cold turkey on dairy and gluten and focused on replacing these food groups with wholefoods that would give me similar nutritional benefits without the accompanying symptoms! I wont lie, it took a good couple of years to feel fully rid of allergy, but I did notice the small changes along the way. It did not take long before I noticed a more healthier and balanced being, improved digestion, less acne breakouts, skin redness and improved asthma. Since then, I have continued to learn and listen to my body, what it needs and what it doesn’t.

 Food to me is so much more than prettiness on a plate. It provides everything from cellular nourishment to affecting us physically, emotionally and socially.

My mission is to simplify ‘health’ in an individualised manner, to make it easier for you to live your healthiest life.

I aim to provide you with options to be able to enjoy simple food, empowering you with the knowledge and skills to do so. Nutrition encompasses so many facets. It is a forever changing field. My thoughts, ideas and the way I conduct my daily practice, will reflect this and grow as I continue to learn and embrace new research.

Through whatever level of support you need, whether it’s a one-on-one consultation, a recipe, a shopping tour or support from our Optima society, my goal for you is to help to achieve a balanced wellbeing and to find your optimal health.